Giants Grove Redwood Forest

Giants Grove aims to return to Ireland a Giant Redwood Forest that were once native to Ireland by creating a grove of over 1000 redwoods at Birr Castle, Co. Offaly, Ireland. It will provide an opportunity for people with Irish roots to enhance their connection by dedicating a Giant Redwood to loved ones here or abroad, living or dead.


These Giants with their height, great bulk, long life and deep root systems symbolise the giant place that the diaspora and their families hold in the hearts and minds of the Irish people, including Irish people living abroad with their roots in Ireland. This grove will be a lasting monument to our diaspora and has the potential to be a major tourist attraction for many years to come. We invite you to sponsor a Giant redwood dedicated to family and friends, and become part of this creative initiative. Crann – Trees for Ireland and Birr Castle offer you this unique opportunity to become a living part of Giants Grove. 


This project will be the largest Redwood Forest outside of California and will also provide insurance for the Giant Redwood species against threat from climate change.

The Giants Grove Project is an Partnership between Birr Castle Estate and Crann – Trees for Ireland, it is managed by Ecoplan Forestry.


Redwood Forest

Trees are now waiting for you to sponsor them!

Response from sponsors has been most encouraging. They are so delighted to become part of Giants Grove. Quotes from some current tree sponsors:


“I am so excited to be the sponsor of a tree in Ireland I have instructed my little grandchildren, when they are old enough to go backpacking in Europe they must go to Birr Castle in search of “granny’s tree”.” Nuala, from Western Australia.


“I immediately saw this as a way to create an enduring “umbilical link” for all their lifetimes which would ‘draw’ them back each year as proud Irish!” The McComish family, California, USA.

Project Overview

The Giants Grove project aims to create, beside the gardens…

Redwood at the GiantsGrove

Planting Plan

Giants Grove is located beside the wonderful gardens of Birr…

Why Sponsor a Giant?

Through sponsoring a redwood in Giants Grove you will…