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Redwoods for Ireland’s Diaspora and their families

Giants Grove Planting Plan

Giants Grove is located beside the wonderful gardens of Birr Castle. Its shape & location is shown on the satellite image below. A ‘Winter Solstice Sunrise Corridor’, shown as a dotted line, is to link with the astronomical traditions at Birr Castle and a similar alignment at Newgrange’s famous megalithic monument.

Planting is planned in two phases: Phase 1 with planting in Spring 2017. Phase 2 will follow completion of Phase 1. In each phase, the giant mountain redwoods [sequoiadendron giganteum] that will form 80% of the grove will go into the firmest ground. The giant coastal redwoods [sequoia sempervirens] will be planted as the ground will dictate. Some small native trees, such as holly, spindle, birch and arbutus, will be included as under-storey to the redwoods to add both interest and biodiversity.

Each sponsored space will have a GPS coordinate, and sponsors will receive a certificate giving its position. A plan and database will be available at Birr Castle visitor entrance, allowing sponsors and those to whom the space is dedicated to locate their space in this redwood forest grove.

Giant redwoods grow rapidly. Here is a photo of a 10 year old one to show just how rapidly they grow in Ireland. So within a few short years visitors to the grove will start to see significant grove development.

The Giants Grove Project is a partnership between Birr Castle Estate and Crann.

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Join our project to create a living tribute to someone you love that will last a thousand years. For biodiversity, carbon, and the protection of these species, become part of the Largest Redwood Forest outside of the U.S.

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