Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a giant redwood!

The cost is €500 for a single redwood space in the Grove.

You will be provided with the GPS coordinates for the space allocated to your tree.

Your certificate with the GPS coordinates will be posted to you when the site has been grid-mapped.

Redwoods for Ireland’s Diaspora and their families

Your sponsorship of a Giant Redwood will:

Create a living, growing link between you and the person to whom the redwood is dedicated, one that will last for many generations.

Provide a living, breathing giant redwood to celebrate a birth, wedding, anniversary and other family occasion.

Help to create, to all of Ireland’s sons and daughters and their families, a national tribute of global significance that will symbolise the giant and lasting place that they have in this nation’s heart.

Help to create a grove of future refuge for the redwoods as insurance for these two magnificent tree species against the threats of climate change to them in their present coastal and mountain homes.

Contribute to the cleaning and greening of Ireland’s air and climate by these long-lived trees.

Allow you and your family to become a part of Giants Grove, a place you can visit and value.

Create a bond between our diaspora and their roots in Ireland, redwood and family roots, now and into the future.

Entitle you to one year’s membership of Crann – Trees for Ireland, and you will receive the beautiful Crann magazine.

(Please email to give your preferred postal address).

The Giants Grove Project is a partnership between Birr Castle Estate and Crann

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Payment Details

Cheques are also accepted, made payable to GIANTS GROVE, and posted to:

Giants Grove, Birr Castle, Rosse Row, Birr, Co. Offaly, IRELAND