The Giants Grove Community

Written by Sean

September 29, 2022

With Autumn here and Halloween approaching, the Sequoias of the Giants Grove are settling in to their long sleep for the winter. They deserve it. They survived frost, flood, storms, drought, deer and thistles, taking it all in stride. Like us all, they’ll probably dream of an easier year next year. Sweet dreams.

But the Giants Grove Project isn’t just about the trees. It’s about people too – the Project Management Group, everyone at Birr Castle, Crann , visitors, and especially the Sponsors. We are a community, a diverse community of all sexes, ages, and from all over the world, brought together by this unique Project, and as unique as the Project itself. So lets get to know each other.
We are on Instagram so remember to follow us and share your pictures – it’ll be great to see how your trees develop over the years.

We’re on Facebook too, so like our page and keep an eye out here for any updates and share them with your friends and family.
Most of our detailed information can be found on our website where you can read all about the Project, the Partners, the Redwoods, the Diaspora – there’s a blog page for recent articles, and a contact page to get in touch.

We want you to get in touch with us and join the giants Grove Community. We want to hear from you, the Sponsors. Tell us about your experience with the Giants Grove. Share your reasons, your expectations, your hopes for the Project. What was is that persuaded you to sponsor a Giant? Was it the trees themselves, the biodiversity, the 1000+ years to maturity, the uniqueness? Or was it as a permanent, living memorial – that you are sure a lost loved one would have loved the Giants Grove?

We really appreciate any feedback, thoughts or opinions, even criticisms. And remember your privacy is important to us. There’s no such thing as a silly question, and all your ideas are valid. Ask us what you want to know, tell us what you want to hear, show us what you want to see. Or not. It’s up to you whether you want to get more involved and be a part of the Giants Grove Community. I hope you do!

The Giants Grove Project is an Partnership between Birr Castle Estate and Crann – Trees for Ireland

To sponsor a Giant, learn more on our Sponsor a Giant page, or contact us at 

Sean McGinnis Ecoplan Forestry

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